Saturday, August 6, 2011

Door Opened for Rapids 2-0

Eddie Gaven went down in the third minute with an injury. The Crew battled in the MF without him but the Rapids had their hands on the controls of this game. The Crew even had a sub for a sub in the middle in attempt to pry the ball off their feet. Haven't seen a sub sub for a while (Gaven sub: Anor. Anor sub: Meram) but it happened last night by a team searching for some possession and a link to the two fellas up top.

Speaking of Anor and Meram. Both came out of the chute guns blazing early in the year but have since gone a bit quiet. Solid, but quiet. I bring this up because Eric Gehrig, another new young player, started slow but is coming on starting to play on a good MLS level. No fireworks to his start like the other two. No fancy headlines for him either. He's just putting in the work. I like that.

It is important to remember that it is Dilly Duka's injury that has given these young players time. The future for the three of them looks good but in order for this team to stay in the hunt for the Cup they are going to need Mr. Gaven and a Mr. Duka healthy.
No news on Eddie's foot as I write this but I got a message from Bleeno last night that I fear is going to be correct: "shit. gaven's leg looks like a months-out kind of injury."

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