Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr. Brek Shea, Premier League Interest

I reckon it was just a matter of time before Brek Shea's Agent came out and announced that his client is getting interest from foreign lands. As in. Abroad. Such as. Over the ocean. Wherein. That cat shaped piece of earth that causes people to marvel at how so many great things can come from such a tiny little island.

Shea's Agent happens to be a young Duke University graduate named Spencer Wadsworth. Despite the Jane Austen type name, he is American. Mr. Wadsworth works for a bigger conglomerate called Santio Sports.

“There is definitely interest in Brek from the teams in the Premier League,” said Shea’s agent Spencer Wadsworth to “But it’s not just England, its teams from Germany, Holland and Belgium also.”

Patrick McCabe, President of Santio patted little Spencer's head and went on to say:

“With these scouts, they don’t evaluate a player over a few weeks, They evaluate over a span of 7-10 months. Brek is in a good place right now and regular minutes are important.”

While it reads like two quotes straight out of Football Manager, I believe them. I've had Brek rated at the top of Major League Soccer's prestigious HELLTOWN BEER Top 20 list since June 26th.

What puts him at the top of the list? Well, I weight categories that matter to me (which was largely influenced by 12 yr old scotch). Meaning, aggregate stats usually lead you in the wrong directions. It drives me nuts when people say "he has the 2nd most goals in the league" when half of those goals are PKs and he's played 4 more games then others. Brings out the badger in me.

Brek Shea, by the HELLTOWN BEER! numbers:

-- 2nd in Goals during run of play (10), 1st among MF players
-- 2nd in Goals p/90 mins (0.42) among MF (Landon #1). 6th overall
-- 3rd most mins on his team
-- 2nd. FC Dallas rank in MLS True Table

Those numbers above are part of what puts him atop my list. Usually players have some weakness, but he has few.

No way to track them, but his intangibles are great. Good attitude, works hard, durable and a team player. Incredible shot power but his accuracy could use some work (31% on 61 shts). Could stand to improve his tackling. Jury is out on his leadership ability and he has never really lived outside of Texas.

There. Free scouting report.

Oh wait. The money thing. I posted on June 25th that he was a bargain even at $133k (£81,157 or £2500 p/wk). I value him, based on performance only, at $231k (£141k). Man, the dollar needs to improve.

Anyway, final exam time.

Can he play in the PL? Yes. Is he ready for the PL? No. Will staying in Major League Soccer benefit him? Not unless he gets major USMNT time. If he does? Then he should stay in Frisco for a couple more years until he has a decent transfer tag. If the franchise can be patient then FC Dallas can put a stadium closer to Dallas.

They can call it Brek Memorial.

If you want some real country to some FC Dallas Shea highlights vs the Crew last month. click HERE. I went over the top with it. But it includes the hardest hit ball I've ever seen (3:19). So, uh, that's why.


Unknown said...

you forgot 'hairstyle' as an intangible. not to mention the beginnings of some pretty good ink.

"Well, I weight categories that matter to me (which was largely influenced by 12 yr old scotch)"

don't go discounting your system, but you are making me thirsty.

Larry W Johnson II said...

he's looking the part fur sur. on the stats and scotch...i... just got... an idea dot dot dot