Sunday, August 28, 2011

6-2 Disappointment.

I watched the game at Jimmy V's with a friend visiting from out of town. He isn't a big soccer fan (but he is just in after a trip to Spain. He also spent a couple years in Bolivia and traveled through Central America quite a bit. Hm. He might not know soccer. But he probably knows soccer) so towards the end of the game I had to ask him what he thought.

"It looks like Seattle is toying with them."

Earlier in the week I was able to catch Seattle's historic win against Monterrey. 5 games in 15 days for Seattle. 4 wins out of it and no signs of slowing down. Seattle started this game with a remarkable amount of confidence and fire. A team "in form" as they say. They also know they are playing well, which is scary. Ever had to go to fisticuffs with a guy smiling directly at you before the first punch is thown? Never a good result.

Coach Schmid, conjuring up his German side, saw the Crew as zero threat. Sigi full of confidence against inferior talent, tactics and most importantly; motivation.

8 of the 11 Crew players were ready for a "#weekoff!!" before this game started. Franchise embarrassed. Fans embarrassed. And I am worried considering the Crew's recent late season history. No excuses this year. They need to win some of these games.

In a way, this game was fitting in that Cunningham finally got his record and in how the team finally got to see a wonderful goal off a free kick (Gardner) during such a game. True to Crew form. Two events I had wished happened in the first few games just to get them out of the way happened in a circus like blowout.

As a result. This result was not bittersweet. Or a *ASSIVE Cunningham achievement. Nor was it a simple "drop(ped) result."

It was a horror show.

And, as Burgin puts it, Will might not of made it out.

(still attempting to confirm, un-conformed outsider sources 3rd and 6th hand reports on the water bottle)

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