Saturday, August 13, 2011

...and It's On

Just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the fact that, with the start of the new Barclay's Premier League season, I've about spent 8 straight hours watching a white spherical thing get kicked around and I still have a couple more to go (hours and drinks, if I must).

10:00 AM: Liverpool v. Sunderland
Draw. 2 goals scored. I was re-calibrating my eyes to EPL pace the whole game. After brushing aside the tears of joy, double rainbows and Irish Coffee I think I witnessed Liverpool coming out of the gates guns ah blazing but Sunderland hanging in there. The consensus here at Helltown is that Liverpool will finish in the top 4. In the first 45 they showed that ability.

12:30 PM: Newcastle v. Arsenal
Draw. No goals scored. Barton goes all mental? Newcastle fans booo him. Arsenal looked very average in this game. Very. The league needs players like Barton. England needs a player like Barton. What does that country think soccer is anyway? Cricket? I heard those guys got number 1 in the world playing that sport today. You want gentlemen, watch Cricket. You want the opposite? watch soccer. I'm a dumb American and know this. Seriously. Newcastle locals boooing Barton? Where is a mirror.

2:uh something PM: Norwich v. Wigan
I liked this game. A lot. 1-1 Draw. Blood. Guts. Hard fought. Norwich Canaries pull out a point when I think they could have gotten 3. This was "English Football" as I've come to know it after doing some Football League watching over the past couple years. Hard tackling, opportunity driven, Route 1 soccer. Going to be fun to watch Norwich this year. Stoke game is going to be a big brother / little brother fist fight.

In other PL news, I heard Bolton beat up on QPR today, biggest time. Nice work!

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