Friday, May 28, 2021

No TV Ratings?

Some of you may have noticed that I am no longer posting TV ratings (specifically, cable soccer ratings). My source, and, well, every amateur ratings person's source, has decided to throw in the towel on posting this information as they have done since 2012.

Nielsen is notoriously guarded with their data, but I have reached out to them and a couple other places to see if I can get the data directly.

If / when I'm able to get it, I will start posting again! Until then, I'll keep little tabs on it. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of data collection and analysis.

As far as this site goes, I'll continue posting as I would normally do during this time of year. I'll likely be "info" heavy and focused on MLS measurements as well as notes on the Columbus Crew (and maybe DC United, because I'm back in that area now).

Anyhow, thank you for reading my TV posts! And know that I'm working to get the data flowing again.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Top MLS Under 21s

Major League Soccer is finally open for business on the transfer market. 

In the past MLS would keep a large percentage of the transfer fee as well as training and solidarity payments (which they would actually shave off the price for the buyer). It's only in the past couple of years that the league has opened up. It was a big transfer fee for Vancouver Whitecap Alphonso Davies in 2018 that opened a lot of eyes and changed Don Garber's approach. With this change, MLS is now making a concerted effort to put young players out front in hopes to hook a big club. 

Below is a list of MLS players under the age of 21 as rated by three different systems. 

1. Helltown Player Ratings
2. SofaScore
3. WhoScored

What I've done is simply taken the middle number of the three to sort these players.

7.53Joshua Atencio19SEAMF4.577.67.53
7.21Cade Cowell17SJEFW7.057.337.21
7.20Julian Araujo19LAGDF,FW6.447.27.38
7.06Gianluca Busio18SKCMF,FW6.727.157.06
6.99James Sands20NYCDF,MF6.687.026.99
6.93Caden Clark17NYRFW,MF6.697.16.93
6.87Cole Bassett19COLMF6.466.926.87
6.83Leon Flach20PHIMF5.427.056.83
6.79Frankie Amaya20NYRMF3.8376.79
6.76George Bello19ATLDF6.266.766.8
6.71Kwadwo Opoku19LAFFW4.126.786.71
6.68David Ochoa20RSLGK6.716.686.29
6.60Kevin Paredes18DCUMF1.676.6
6.51Dante Sealy18FCDFW2.426.976.51
6.51Adam Esparza19LAGMF4.036.76.51
6.51Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty16TFCFW,MF1.856.956.51
6.46Tanner Tessmann19FCDMF4.126.66.46
6.45Moses Nyeman17DCUMF3.566.786.45
6.44John Pulskamp20SKCGK5.746.686.44
6.43Luke Singh20TFCDF3.266.76.43
6.42Wikelman Carmona18NYRFW2.026.96.42
6.42Danny Leyva18SEAMF3.666.736.42
6.40Álvaro Barreal20FCCMF3.56.56.4
6.40Andres Jasson19NYCDF,FW4.656.66.4
6.36Ricardo Pepi18FCDFW3.326.686.36
6.36Julián Carranza20MIAFW1.646.86.36
6.35Daniel Pereira20ATXMF4.496.746.35
6.35Jonathan Perez18LAGFW1.566.66.35
6.34Kaveh Rad19SKCDF2.876.656.34
6.33Franco Ibarra20ATLMF,FW3.946.656.33
6.33Brian Gutiérrez17CHIMF,FW1.626.756.33
6.33Edwin Cerrillo20FCDMF2.036.66.33
6.33Efrain Alvarez18LAGFW,MF3.426.76.33
6.32Jack McGlynn17PHIMF3.166.576.32
6.29Tayvon Gray18NYCDF2.36.76.29
6.29Andrés Perea20ORLMF,FW4.526.546.29
6.27Erik López19ATLFW3.826.736.27
6.27Chinonso Nnamdi20CHIFW2.516.386.27
6.26Szabolcs Schön20FCDFW2.256.66.26
6.26Noble Okello20TFCMF2.476.56.26
6.21Sunusi Ibrahim18MTLFW,MF2.086.76.21
6.21Cameron Harper19NYRFW2.266.656.21
6.20Ralph Priso-Mbongue18TFCMF36.556.2
6.20Jordan Perruzza20TFCFW1.676.76.2
6.18Javier Casas18CHIMF1.386.56.18
6.17Cameron Dunbar18LAGMF,FW2.556.56.17
6.15Patrick Weah17MINFW1.466.86.15
6.13Chris Gloster20NYCDF2.246.76.13
6.11Joshua Penn20MIAFW1.726.556.11
6.07Ethan Dobbelaere18SEAMF,FW3.316.56.07
6.03Sebastian Berhalter20ATXMF2.286.56.03
6.03Bryce Duke20LAFFW2.086.556.03
6.01Kamron Habibullah17VANMF2.096.36.01
6.00Quinn Sullivan17PHIFW2.236.56
6.00Jayden Nelson18TFCFW2.1966.19
5.95Hunter Sulte19PDXGK2.56.055.95
5.93Edison Azcona17MIAFW1.856.435.93
5.89Isaac Atanga20FCCMF0.616.455.89
5.89Zico Bailey20FCCMF06.25.89
4.34Reed Baker-Whiting16SEAMF2.67-6
4.07John Tolkin18NYRDF1.86-6.28
4.03Cameron Duke20SKCDF1.89-6.17
3.93Oliver Larraz19COLMF1.85-6

The MLS season is just 15% complete, but there's enough to start pulling out the better players. I'll have more on this list as time marches on.