Sunday, May 9, 2021

Another Columbus (Crew) SC Refresh

With rumors of a quiet Supporters + Front Office meeting, a French-speaking MLS-focused Canadian Twitter account saying somethings coming, and the lack of Precourt's rebranding at the new stadium - well, it's probably safe to say yet another refresh of the Columbus Crew is on the way.

The good news for the "no rebrand" fans is that it looks like it won't be a complete rebrand and that it is merely a change in name with drops the "Crew" and an update to the logo/badge. 

Overall, it's bad news if this is all they are doing. Incremental change only muddles an already Frankenstoian brand in Columbus. Now that it has passed through multiple ownership groups over the last decade fans have seen more than just a logo change. It's been terminology, unfortunate kits, mascot drama, changes in hashtags, the list goes on.

Left among the wreckage of changes made by alfa males (and Dee, I guess) has been the fans. Each time this comes on they have to ride an increasingly annoying rollercoaster of emotions that always starts with the same hill climb called "I'm the new dude that owns the team and that branding that is part of your identity sucks (*leans over and whispers...* which means you suck)."

For me, it is inevitable that MLS Columbus will ultimately be some variation of the OSU Buckeye colors. Likely more black and gray, than scarlet and gray, but the same pallet nonetheless. It would most definitely increase sales and likely tickets (imagine "buckeye kits," "buckeye nights," or whatever). The colors and the term "Buckeye" are synonymous with Ohioans. So just go ahead and pull that band-aid off. 

But they won't. 

The only thing keeping that from happening are the quasi-self appointed leaders of the "official" supporters who have grown in power between ownership groups and attempts to move the team. I've watched this group since they started to form 12-13 years ago because matches up with when I started writing about the team. Their full story that goes back past the "save the crew" group is a post for another day, but one thing is for certain... each operating group has had different approaches to dealing with them. The Hunts thought they could help (they didn't). You could argue they caused the Precourt/Garber problem of disliking Columbus. And now, we see the beginnings with the new group. Anyway, none have really gone smoothly. 

Take from that what you will.

Let's go MLS Columbus Crew SC the hardest working former Steelers Jr-themed German-looking brand logo-wearing club in central Ohio.

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Bobby said...

I've honestly come to admire how baseball teams have totally leaned into goofy crap while teams in other sports seem to be in a race to see which one can look the most like a company from the NASDAQ.