Thursday, August 11, 2011

Others Have it for Us. Crew, NE Preview

One of the ancillary benefits of being a Columbus Crew fan is the fact that the team has a proud history. One of the original teams, first soccer specific stadium in the MLS and a cabinet full of trophies. When I put these preview programs together it always strikes me the amount of respect other teams have for Columbus. Often opponents and opponent news outlets go out of there way to compliment the Columbus Crew. It's hard for my mind not to wander to 1892 and how newly formed Liverpool FC thought of 1863 founded Stoke City. Anywho, New England is one of the original teams for the MLS like the Crew so my little analogy that I was trying to create with SCFC and Liverpool is moot, but! NE still show plenty of respect for my local club just like Liverpool might have for Stoke way back when even without the 30 year gap:

“The thing about Columbus I’ve learned over the years is they’re really a steady team, they’re consistent. I don’t think – if I remember correctly – that they go on super hot runs, but they also don’t get in these kind of slumps throughout the season. They’re a steady team with consistent play so we expect a good game from them.” - Revs Defender, Ryan Cochrane

Hoping Crew supporters and fans pick up on some of that. Can't help that it's a bit like Klinsmann coming in and telling Americans what Americans are all about and, in turn the American soccer press, oblivious to what the we are as a people, praise him for his insightful words. I'm happy he said and says the stuff he does about our country. The way it is lapped up is telling. It takes an outsider sometimes to remind us why we are, though more then just the kaleidoscope of soccer, special. Troubles, yes. But compared to what else is out there? We do pretty darn good. In the top 50 at least. Hardy har.

Proud history and good team here in Columbus this year. With the recent city mandated shutdown of the Hudson Street Hooligans Pub, I think the fans outside the intense supporter microcosm around here are looking for some good news from the actual franchise and players.

Game against NE is home this weekend. Winnable for the Crew but going to be tough for them against a team that is already working to get in the playoffs.

A win here would do great things in the table for both.

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