Monday, August 8, 2011

Seriously, Tottenham. Blood Makes the Grass Grow.

"Riots: the underclass lashes out" in Tottenham. I'm not too sure that headline would go over well here but I guess it's okay for Mary Riddell over at the Telegraph.

"Over a few days in which attacks became a contagion the capital city of an advanced nation has reverted to a Hobbesian dystopia of chaos and brutality."

Ms. Riddell goes on:

"London’s riots are not the Tupperware troubles of Greece or Spain, where the middle classes lash out against their day of reckoning. They are the proof that a section of young Britain – the stabbers, shooters, looters, chancers and their frightened acolytes – has fallen off the cliff-edge of a crumbling nation."

Nice to know that US news outlets aren't the only ones.

Anyway, I read through the comments after long article. Some were dissertations on French history. Others blaming single mothers. All while parts of London were on fire right behind them.

That was until I got to this one:

"i am an american, but i wish i was in london to help you brits beat the living hell out of these lawless scumbag rioters. all of your heros need to go out in the street tonight and kick ass until law and order is restored. the cops can not do it alone. blood makes the grass grow, sometimes it needs to spill, that time has come. these cops put their lives on the line everyday to ensure your peace, its time for you to take that burden off their shoulders, they can not do this alone. squash these thugs, make them regret ever thinking about doing this."

Comment right below it was "best comment I've ever read on the Telegraph. Ever."

Prayers are with those over there in the middle of it. Been a few days now. Time for it to stop. Don't make me send the guy that wrote that comment out there.

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