Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vamos Muchachos OR If I Had the Wings of an Eagle...

Big MLS games this week / weekend... in the East anyways. (Not to say seeing Robbie Keane get going would be great). Of course the two teams at the top, ze Crew and ze Union, will be honking each others horns in Columbus. Of course if the home side takes all three points they'll be clearly stating their case for the Cup. I'm thinking Robbie Rogers brace minimum.

Personally I'm ripe for the 2 road games United has (VAMOS!!!). We've been better away (4-3-3) than home (3-6-3). Of course this doesn't always mean anything. Maybe it just means as endearing as RFK is, the mold and decay may be getting to black and red. The home fans are great, but with such a huge place it may sound full but every quick glance shows a lot more orange seats than black shirts.

We're up against a bottom table Chicago team tomorrow night, then on Sunday we're at a strong-at-home Sporting KC (we will be "sporting" our all-red third kit ["how red is it?!]). If we take 4 or 6 points here, we can lock up that 3rd spot in the table. Especially if NE can hold Houston off tonight. On top of that we have a game or 2 in hand so our PPG will stay high.

The defense has been great in the last few games. Jakovic has impressed on his return, MacDonald, Kitchen, Woolard AND White (if we need him) will be holding it down. Hamid will most likely be back in the net, or out of his net most likely...

DeRo and Pontius have put DC on the map the past 3 weeks, but Davies, Najar and Wolff have also been showing well. Davies NEEDS a run-of-play goal, there were opportunities in the Vancouver game for him, but he just didn't receive that final pass from his teammates. He showed a good spirit each time though, as he had his arms out in disbelief he slowly brought them down and assured his teammates he was ok with it. His time is coming. Mark my words.

In other interesting world football news, the EPL starting with a whole bunch of drawrs, though plenty of interesting moments (barton = thug). Bolton trounced QPR, but we get to see what they're worth when the line up against Man.City and Ag├╝ero et. al. All that said, I'm still just as excited to see what happens in the MLS. The overlap of the 2 seasons is going to kill my social life.

More good news for MLS, is the success in the CCL (much better than in the past, showing that these teams can compete AND do well in our region. We should be dominating if we're to expect our National Team to also do well. Seattle played a wild game with two really nice goals from Fucito (who?) in spite of going down a man. LA won semi-handily (no that's not a word) but should have taken more goals from their home game in the series (sidenote: boot to the chest red card in this one, though it's no de Jong).

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Larry W Johnson II said...

tough game against chicago. like there's quicksand in their MF.