Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crew Win, 6-Pointer part 1 upcoming

The Crew won a game they most certainly should have last night. New England was under constant pressure for most of the game. Pinned back nearly all of the first half. It was frustrating to see the Revs get the first goal especially considering the fact that Columbus has a hard time putting more then one goal in, let alone two that they needed. But, surprisingly after a Revs own goal, two goals game. One off a set piece; Gardner to James and another off some great team play; Marshall to Duka then Rogers to Renteria.

I think the set piece goal is the club's first of the year and Duka was a welcome sight out there after a couple months out.

While most of the possession belonged to the Crew the team is still struggling to get the ball into dangerous areas. They are very good winning and possessing the ball in the middle but have a hard time pushing up and generating heavy, sustained pressure.

- Pleasant performance by Burns. It seems he has been the forgotten man recently. I consider him smoother then Rusmir (concrete feet) and his skill may be better but Rusmir has a better soccer IQ.
- Heinemann's intense work rate and effort helped cause the NE own goal.
- Mendoza, on the other hand, does not have a heavy work rate and seems to just check out of games forcing a sub. Frustrating
- Renteria, who came in for Heinemann, provided a good spark. He is part poacher, which is what Columbus needs. He probably should have had a couple.
- Man of the Match: Man. Tough one. I'm not going to give out the award this time. How's that.

- Columbus is for real in first now. They still have 2 games against Philly. One is this weekend at Crew Stadium. Big game. While a little to early to call this a six pointer, the meeting next month in Philly will be.
- DC moved into the 3rd automatic playoff spot last night with decisive win over Vancouver.

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