Sunday, July 3, 2011

Despite loss, Crew Still 2nd in East. FC Dallas on Top for Now

Lighting a little candle and going with the optimistic approach after a Crew loss. Why the candle? Because I know when I go over to the CrewXtra blog space at the Columbus Dispatch later today I'll read a chorus of crap from Buckeye opps Blue Jacket opps - Crew fans (there we go). This 2011 iteration of the Crew is a good team compared to years past and I'll have the stats later this week to prove it. Yep, traveling all the way back to 1996 this weekend with my little candle shedding light in the cynical darkness that Crew fans wallow in recently. It wasn't always this way (dot dot dot).

Moving along.

FC Dallas played as well as any team I've seen this year. Hoping Bleeno has a few words to say on the team from Frisco. They are a legitimate contender for both the Supporters' Shield and MLS Cup.

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