Thursday, July 21, 2011

Developed Process Measure, Run of Play and I need a Trophy Name and Logo

We are in trouble if the remaining manufacturing facilities in the United States measure performance the same way the club front offices of Major League Soccer does.

Here are the top goals scorers during the run of play. In other words, I've taken out penalty kicks.

10: Thierry Henry (NY)
9: Brek Shea (DAL)
8: Chris Wondolowski (SJ)
7: Landon Donovan (LA)
6: Fredy Montero (SEA)
6: Nick LaBrocca (GOATS)
6: Luke Rodgers (NY)
6: Camilo (VAN)
6: Maicon Santos (TOR)
6: Carlos Ruiz (UNION)

I need two trophies. One for the player that scores the most during the run of play and one for the guy that gave him the most assists.

HB Boots? no. Beer Boots? nah. hmmm. Schaefer pops? Yes and bend thy knees before my Schaefer beer ad upload that has 78k views on youtube. Who knew?

Part one of a series of journal posts titled: "How to Create the Best MLS team in History" could possibly end at part one. But if it doesn't maybe I'll name the next one part II: "the search for part I". Regardless. In all seriousness, Part III will simply state the following:

Why talent is negligible in a league that's capped lower than a rich kids weekly allowance and how to spend your DP money on a group of coaches that know the game.

I will defend this thesis in front of the Manatee aquarium part of the Columbus Zoo.

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