Thursday, July 28, 2011


to say that i watched last night's MLS All-Star game against Manchester United is to say that I watched the game up until United scored their 3rd goal. that was for two reasons. the first reason was because I had told my sweet lady, who was itching to hang out and watch a movie, that if United scored again I would stop watching my silly soccer game and give her all my attention. but the real reason is because I had seen the monster attacking the city and i didn't need to stick around to witness it's total and complete destruction.

now, before we go any further let's do some full disclosure.
I am not a Manchester United fan. in fact, I find the Red Devils to be a wholly despicable army of imps led by a wholly despicable dark master. I am a Liverpool fan. it is my job, my duty, my responsibility to despise them. but, if I may say, I am confident I would hate them no matter where my support lie.

But, yes, Man U are a powerful team. and Sir Alex Ferguson definitely knows what he is doing with his club. they are a well-oiled machine. and last night they fielded a team that has played together for seasons on end. played together in the Champions League. won and lost and fought hard together. this team. this army. this machine. they came to town and played our MLS All Stars. the best players plying their trade on American soil. but players as far removed as D.C. to Seattle. thousands of miles. these were players who've maybe only seen each other once or twice before.

the boys did have a strong start and there was much made of their attacking formation, which some found just absolutely audacious. "against United?!... blah blah blah!" but it was never gonna hold up. and sure its a friendly but 4-0 is a hard pill to swallow no matter how big of a piece of bread and peanut butter you bury it in.

so, i've come to a question. who is this benefitting? this All Stars vs Manchester United match. the MLS? the All Stars themselves? United?

and is it worth it ?


Larry W Johnson II said...

the way i see it is that all-star game = buffalo bill's wild west show a century later. the friendlies between clubs are enough i think. just about every news outlet in newcastle is singing crew praises (doesn't hurt that they won). things like that plant seeds in UK league 1 and 2 players who know they will never make it to the championship or pl. be a star in the mls or toil away with port vale. hmmmm.

if mls wants a gigantor event then take the supporters' shield winner from last year and line them up against the epl winners from last year and hand out a trophy and be done with it. you'd get just as many tickets sold big buzz and it wouldn't be a figgin' worldwide punchline.

Unknown said...

i watched that as well, whew. brrrrrr. hhgggghhhh. yeah, all star games are a silly part of american sports culture that mls needs to let go.