Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newcastle Slingshot

Newcastle struggled in the first two friendlies here in the US but made pretty sure that their last one would be a good one.

Columbus came out with a mixed line-up. Meaning, half the starting side was good and then, after mass subs, half of the 2nd half side was solid. I think MLS thought it was a good idea especially after the Seattle thrashing by Man Utd. (7-0),

Most of the game was dominated by Newcastle. They owned the tempo. The Crew couldn't get more then a few passes strung together in the first half. I could tell the Magpies meant business. There was not any experimenting or laziness on their side. They were gearing up for a long EPL season. I was gearing up too. So thankful to be able to see Newcastle in the flesh. Good supporters group on hand.

A silly red card by Andy Gruenebaum (um, charging the ball 30 yards out and falling on it?? Only in Columbus) cost the Crew a man going into the second half. Gaven came in and settled the Crew but it was too late.

It was interesting to see Meram playing up top by himself with 10 men. What a waste really. Nothing, of course came of it. Newcastle tucked a few away and are going home 3-0 winners.

I've watched all but one of the Crew games this year (brimming with pride over here). I wish I could say this game was just a fluke or something. The line-ups might of been different but Newcastle really exposed some of the weaknesses that the Crew have had all year.

I wish the Crew (and other MLS teams) took these games head on to win. It would really go a long way with the rest of the world.

Final thought. Eddie Gaven looked completely natural out there in the 2nd half with the Magpies. Completely.

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