Saturday, July 16, 2011

Newcastle United Supporters in Midseason Form!

"this is what 50 days without a football match does to you toon army."

They invaded the pitch last night during a friendly with Darlington. Nice work fellas. If I've heard about this, then no doubt the good folks down on Hudson Street have as well.

Wish I could have caught that game. Thankfully for fans here in the US there are EPL v. MLS match ups this summer are on national TV. However, (sadly yet predictably) the Crew v. Newcastle is not one the games televised. Actually. It's the one not being televised nationally.

Why? Perhaps it was the last time the Crew played a PL team in 2008. You know, when the Hudson Street Hooligans got to meet their real life Green Street heroes from West Ham? Don't remember that one? Let's jog memories:

Fans of West Ham, Columbus Crew Behave Just Like You Think They Would

Official condemns violence after West Ham, Crew fans trade blows in stands

Of course word got out about what happened a couple years ago (ICF still wants blood) and Newcastle supporters, I'm sure, have taken note. I guess the next logical question is; 'are there any Magpies in toon going to the game?'

All of this scrappin' feels like little brother / big brother stuff to me. It's no coincidence that most of the modern Crew supporters' groups were formed shortly after Green Street Hooligans film came out. That shoe comfortably fit and it now is what it is.

**Helltown wholly recommends staying away from English supporter groups that go by "Firm".**

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