Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Monday Morning Power Rankings

12 games over the weekend and only 4 Draws. That's a wild swing in the other direction for the league. Definitely an out of control point considering that near 40% of MLS games end in ties this year (most other leagues, including the MLS of the past fall in the 30% draw range).

The NY Times took a look at all the ties this year, good for a Monday morn read. Mostly intelligent comments as well from MLS fans.

Again, and I'll beat this like a drum; The league has just expanded in the west (POR, VAN) so more games past 10 PM EST. Every week there is an example of a better eastern team scratching out a draw at the strike of midnight. Last week it was PHI and SJ. 0-0. I also noticed Chicago's legs go out on them in the 2nd half, late, against LA. 2-1.

Exhibit A of a Tired Team (CHI). David Beckham 'bananas' in a corner kick for a goal. Has to be seen to be believed.

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