Saturday, July 30, 2011

Average Team v. Above Average Team in MLS Action Tonight

The intensity of the MLS season has dropped a few notches due to the bloated friendly schedule. A lot of teams are in league match action tonight so hopefully the fire can start burning again.

Too many friendlies especially when you toss in an international tournament going on here in the country. It's a lot to chew on but it'll matter little to fans as months tick by I guess. Stepping back I think it is great for the game and creating interest in this country but bad for MLS.

I'd venture to say that more soccer has been watched this year on North American soil then any year previous. Let's run down the list: Women's WC, Gold Cup, friendlies, World Football Challenge, and Copa America (plenty of folks following that in the US for sure). Not bad for summer time in the US opps... forgot Major League Soccer in my list, duh. Yes, that league is going on right now too.

With all this interesting soccer now going on in the US I truly hope that MLS realizes the needlessness of a playoff system. The playoff thing has cheapened just about everything this summer for MLS teams involved. Why? Besides rewarding and fostering mediocrity, if there were no playoffs, teams would go after some of these friendly matches. They would also REALLY go after the Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions League and even the Canadian Championship (hopeless TFC pressed for it this year). Priority at the moment: Teams simply need to prioritize the CCL.

Now that our English and European guests are leaving soon (and we finally have that all-star abomination behind us) MLS is now left with the task of hitting the ignite button to get that fire going again.

So, as it stands, a slightly Above Average team in our domestic league beat an Excellent team away last night and my favorite hometown Average Team is taking on a near excellent one tonight.

I hear first place in their conference is on the line. Well, 1st in points anyway. Don't want to get too excited here. How about we just go with improving playoff position for now.

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