Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gaven Great Crew win 1. Timbers 0.

The first note I jotted down in my little notebook around the 8th minute was "Lot of energy from Gaven." The guy was all over the place and showed even more hustle then he usually does. He was rewarded right before the 80 minute with a goal that proved to be the only one needed to put away a toothless Timbers team.

I ran over to MLS website and checked out the "chalkboard". I wanted to see what Eddie Gaven and Jewsbury were doing all night. I felt it was two field commanders going at it. Turns out they were basically playing the same way. A couple of the best midfielders in the country. Fun to watch.

Other notes from the Game:

- Gardner is coming along. He has developed above average crossing ability and a savvy about when to push up and when not too.
- Rogers had a good game. Back to his old self. He is still 'nervy' around goal though. It's a mental thing he needs to work on.
-Crew really goal hungry all night. The Timbers did everything they could to pack it in and in doing so they were zero threat most of the game.
- Crew pushed both right and left defenders up all game then eventually just went to a 3-4-3 at the end. They got a goal out of it but they probably should have had a couple.
-Cunningham had zero contribution after the first 20 minutes. I read somewhere that he hasn't committed a foul this year. That about sums it up for me.
-Jewsbury (and Cooper) are good players on a bad team
- Happy to see Renteria back. He played well, didn't look rusty at all.

Two final notes:

1. Marshall is really, really shining now. The guy is a bulldog out there. Man of the Match for me (edged out Eddie by .00001 %). He and Eddie were fired up this game. They were not going to let this team lose.

2. Crew games end on time because the fans DO NOT tolerate injures. They will BOOO your ass. Crew games are the shortest games I watch. Warms this SCFC fan's heart!

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