Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BLEENO says...

first of all, great job to everybody. it's been really good and everything so far. just keep it up and that's all we can ask. so, really, just don't let anybody down, everybody.

second of all, hi, smitty. you're a nice person. not the nicest, of course. but certainly up there on the heels of the best of them, who edge you out in a few keys places. namely, face and body. and also, teeth not resembling a jail cell.

thirdly, some EPL news.
Stoke have gone in for Carlton Cole which, if the medical and personal terms are met (ie: will you agree to be on the receiving end of a continuous barrage of long balls and long throw-ins?) would likely be good for both the club and the player. Cole had a lackluster performance last season, but then so did most of your West Ham players. (but not you, Scotty P.) so, it'll be interesting to see how he does with the Potters. word has it that Pulis loves him. so, there's that. he should see a lot of playing time if he can stay fit.

on the Liverpool front i have some very exciting news. the boys are in China, Malaysia and other -sias for a couple weeks. and FSC will air their first pre-season friendly at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning EST. they play local outfit Guangdong Sunray Cave.
so, get up, wipe the sleep from your eyes, aim to head into work late and catch new boyz Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson in action with the tried and true Reds.

...and, i guess, if you want to, ...show some love to Guangdong.


Larry W Johnson II said...

in tony and long delap throw ins we trust. Sept 10, liverpool. at the Britannia. man, can't believe it's already right around the corner.

Unknown said...

many things:

no, i'm no woman.
yes, i like carlton cole. even if he's never fulfilled his potential.
i like scotty parker, and his black boots much.

i like the richmond kickers. (on a/the roll)
i like when goalkeepers score: http://bit.ly/nTo9QP
i like that joey barton is banned from the US, literally.
i like charlie adam.

is henderson the next gerrard?
what is "squirting" in Guangdong's logo?