Sunday, May 22, 2011

MLS True Table, Extended

Now that Major League Soccer is 30% into their season I'm extending out the True Table to include per game averages in Goals For, Goals Against and Goal Difference. Relevant now as enough games have been played to give fans of their clubs a good idea of what they are working with the rest of the season.

Columbus, for one, was true to form last night loosing 1-0 to the Portland Timbers. I haven't had time to digest this game as I was welcoming in the latest edition to the Johnson household, Isaac! Congratulations Jim and Trish!

The game is running now and being dutifully uploaded for bleeno to review. I can see right off that their starting line up has been tweaked up front, no doubt in attempt to get more chances up front.

A lot of action yesterday, couple more games later today:
- I see that Helltown Power ranking favorite Philadelphia (and completely underrated in the nearly incompetent official MLS power rank) put in two against the Fire
- San Jose has fully woken up with a 2-1 win over the Revolution. Wondo, with an assist and win yesterday, is firmly on top of my player ratings. Go Wondo. In outstanding form and should get consideration for the USMNT (again).
- In another "official" MLS power ranking mystery, Houston draws with NY 2-2 (in Houston). I had Houston 5th and MLS - 10th.
- Big game later today for Real Salt Lake and Dallas. A couple of the best teams in the league.


Edit: True Table updated to reflect games played May 22nd.

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