Sunday, May 8, 2011

MLS Player Ratings Made Easy

While working on a project at work I figured out a way to assign productivity scores in a way that was easier for people to understand. Some teachers already use the method: Sliding Scale. What I've done is take the player ratings that I have been using and put it on a 100 pt scale. The best player receives a perfect 100, the lowest rated = 0.

The best player, according to my ratings, right now is Thierry Henry with a score of 4.4. The lowest rated player in the MLS right now is Shavar Thomas at -2.00. The difference is 6.4 pts. In adjusting the -2.0 to equal Zero and 4.4 = One I just divide everyones score in and multiply by 100.

An early explanation of my Player Scores can be found HERE. Although, that description is not complete, it gives the gist of what I'm using. I'll probably never fully explain all the ingredients I'm using. I did test my score scale on the EPL and it passes the smell test, so I'll stick with it.

This will also allow me to make it easier to understand team power rankings. Since I'm using a 0 to 100 spectrum on the players the score a player receives tells me the score percentile he is in.

Example: The Crew's Designated Player Andres Mendoza has a score of 43. A score that puts him, statistically, around the middle of the 389 players that have minutes this season. Considering his is the 10th highest payed player in the league? I'd say that is an issue... for another post on another day. Shawn Mitchell touched on this in his column today.

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