Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crew Do Score a Couple, Win

(Pictured: Omar Salgado)

Renteria scored on a penalty and one during the run of play. The penalty was a cheap one that came off a sloppy play by the Whitecaps keeper. The run of play goal was off his left foot and, um, I'm trying to frame this right; his first goal off his left foot in 11 years and 50 goals. Yes, his first.

Renteria has EPL grade right foot power, and as he proved last night, his left has some power as well. Just strange that a striker hasn't had a goal from his weak foot after 11 years of play.

On the Whitecaps side the team set up shop on defense for the 1st half. This appears to be a running theme for opponents of the Crew. This is something the team really has to work on attacking because this tactic of barricading against the Crew is working. Most of it is the Crew's fault because the seem content kicking it around for possession. In fact, they do it to a point of frustration. When Ekpo was inserted in the 2nd half on defense he wouldn't even turn up field when he had the ball, he was content just knocking it back to Hesmer in goal. After a couple times I was literally shouting at my TV. Hesmer also deserves a card for time wasting. Not going to give him a pass because he lives in German Village. He has a nasty, nasty habbit.

In today's Columbus Dispatch, Commentary Columnist Bob Hunter wrote a piece on fans not showing up for Crew games (last night ~11k). He seems to think it is lack of goals keeping them away and he actually talked to GM Mark McCullers about it. Mr. McCullers thinks part of it is pushing out popular players.

I say "actually talked" because beat writer Shawn Mitchell mostly just pulled player quotes from for his column. That is a head scratcher. Are these players so surrounded by press that he can't get his own quotes after the game?

In any case and anyway. Crew win.
Man o' the Match: Omar Salgado (Whitecaps)
I'm going to give it to the 17 year old for scoring his first MLS goal on a great header in the corner.

Best Crew Players of the Game or BCPOTG? Gaven. Duka. Gardner.
Again, Gaven is quality on and off the ball. Dilly Duka is all hustle (Duka deserves note for that). Gardner also had a decent game and if for nothing else, saved the 3 pts with a heads up play blocking a shot by Khalfan.

Who/What struggled?
Ekpo coming off the bench. I'm also going to say the offensive strategy of going to Robbie Rogers side of the pitch too much. Way too much. A ton of speed and decent touches but zero creativity there right now. In Rogers defense, no big target in the middle. Tommy Heinemann did not play.

Another minor struggle the Crew have is free kicks. They had two right on outside the 18 yard box and elected to pass it in, not take shots. Gotta take shots there. If nothing else, to minimize the chance of a break on your own goal.


Bleeno said...

you might make a Crew fan outta me yet.

Larry W Johnson II said...

good! haven't followed a team as a dedicated fan in a while, but i'm committed to following this year. all their games are on a local channel here... only one real beat writer for the paper, no radio, tv or substantial internet coverage. it's like a blank space to play in. i can get my hands around this. game on!

Bleeno said...

"i can get my hands around this." - that's what she said