Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Billy was kind enough to get me the local Colombus feed of the Crew v. Sounders match from last Saturday. and last night i had a look at it.

The rain was coming down hard. the pitch was soaked. the stands were mostly bare save for those hardcore fans who would sit on nails for their team if necessary. Seattle certainly looked the more relaxed team at the start. but then Seattle is a rainy place so, you know, feels like home.

Most of the first half happened in the midfield. a bit scrappy. in fact, much of the match was akin to a hockey game. swinging in legs. bumping. aggressive. little composure. Miranda in particular gave away the ball way too easily in the first 20 minutes. and the Colombus back line made a mess of clearing the ball under pressure. they were too quick to lose their shape and thus provide few options for a man in trouble.

Colombus settled down eventually and played a better rest of the half. But not before Sounders' midfielder Friberg sent in a nice diagonal cross into the box which Fredy Montero headed passed Hesmer. a bit of a calamity there. really, Montero should not have been able to reach that ball. the fullbacks were unprepared. and Hesmer should have stood his ground instead of coming a bit forward and losing his position.

The Crew also had a couple nice chances. Renteria made a good turn in the box and sent in a low pass to Gaven, who was making a run in. but he was just a bit off and could only knock it wide. first half ends 0-1. Sounders up.

The second half began much better. Plenty of positives from the Crew's perspective. Renteria was excellent at holding the ball up and having some vision to turn and move the ball forward. he was very impressive on a first touch. i'd like to see more discipline on his second or third touch, though.

Mendoza came on and things seemed to change a bit. more of the game was played in the Sounders end. there was more fight and fire to the Crew. and some much more positive passing displays. when Mendoza sent a beautiful thru ball to Rogers between two defenders I thought it'd be a goal for sure. But Seattle's defender closed on Rogers quickly and he took the shot early and well wide. Rogers has got incredible speed and if the midfielders can keep their eyes open for more thru balls like Mendoza's they'll likely see more goals. and certainly more corners.

The Crew finally got their goal from the penalty spot. Chad Marshall was pulled down in the box as a corner kick was coming in. no question. no complaints from Seattle. Ref points to the spot. Renteria stepped up. 1-1.

Marshall, who despite the failings of the back line as a whole, had a positive game. i like him in the back field. tough guy. he's not gonna be pushed around.

at the end, i suppose, a draw just about sums it up. although Colombus had some nice chances that Keller was just too good for. a little more composure on the ball. and staying in the formation will go a long way.

looking forward to Saturday's match.

commentator quote of the night:
"Seattle wearing their dark green tonight. Trimmed in... sea foam?... i think they call it."

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