Monday, May 9, 2011

introducing, COLUMBUS CREW

It may take some time for me to win over my new favorite writer, bleeno, on the Crew and the rest of the MLS. But! I'm going to work at it. Ya see, the EPL may be winding down but the MLS is heating up. And when that gets to its boiling point? EPL. Back on.

I'm excited about the fact that, with bleeno, I'm doubling the size the local news paper out here in Columbus has covering the team. Will he put in the time. Will he slug through nil, nil draws against San Jose become a fan and give us the coverage the fans sitting in Nordecke expect.

Your to date 2011 Columbus Crew with never before seen Billy Sasquatch player ratings for the Columbus Crew.

79 Eddie Gaven
78 Robbie Rogers
76 Sebastian Miranda
74 Julius James
74 William Hesmer
74 Chad Marshall
72 Emilio RenterĂ­a
66 Rich Balchan
62 Kevin Burns
55 Emmanuel Ekpo
55 Dejan Rusmir
54 Dilly Duka
43 Andres Mendoza
27 Tommy Heinemann
26 Jeff Cunningham
25 Josh Gardner
21 Bernardo Anor
19 Leandre Griffit

I just do what the computer tells me but that is how it sees the team so far. It'll be interesting for me to see that list at the end of the year.

Where will this 2011 season take us? A pretty good place so far this year. Chad Marshall is already getting the press as the best defender in the league. Eddie Gaven is already becoming a folk hero in my own mind and Mendoza is already sucking up pixels over at the mighty

I'm hoping that the Crew can hook bleeno. Can the hustle of Dilly and the promise of my man Tommy win him over during the long summer months? Time will have to tell.

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