Thursday, May 5, 2011

MLS Stat 180 updated their statistics pages. I hope they are still working on them. Why did they change? Why are not all players on the All players tab? Why are players duplicated on team pages?

Among those spectacular improvements they have managed to include efficiency statistics I like: Goals p/90 Minutes and Scoring Chance Percentage. Most like to call the latter Goals p/Shot, but that's a minor quibble. I like that the site is trying to improve their stat pages. I hope they keep it going.

Since their stat pages are still under construction (I really hope they are) I've had to jump ship and find another source. Thankfully I found one over at... wait. I keep quiet on that for now. I'm nervous that I'll jinx it. I will say that over at my now home for MLS stats they publish the correct order of Wins, Draws and Losses. Yes! They do. It's a conspiracy. This new source is a major nationwide newspaper. Lets hope the W-L-T thing gets scrapped. I'm looking at you too CrewXtra over at the Dispatch. Still with the Red Cards p/GM? seriously.

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