Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Speaking Modern Language

Prost Amerika Soccer. Seattle Soccer with a European Accent.

And with that... we have two MLS games tonight. DC v. Seattle and Houston v. Colorado.

Let's look at: DC / Seattle
'Cause Seattle takes on Columbus this weekend. Just sayin'.

Super Awesome Sasquatch Overall Team Rankings:
9th: Seattle
14th: DC

Offensive Super Sasquatch Team Rankings:
15th: Seattle
2nd: DC

What does this mean? Umm, not much. DC has an edge in shear offensive productivity. Much of it due to Davies early season. Neither of these teams have anyone in my to 30 Overall player rankings.

Brad Evans and Osvaldo Alonso for Seattle crack the top 50. I have to go to Chris Pontius at 89th for the highest DC man.

It'll be interesting to see if Seattle can hold off DC in this still early season.

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