Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup Past

Saved newspaper clippings from the last World Cup. Yeah, I saved them. Just as Unbelieveable by EMF from Schubert Dip album is saved on my computer. One quick note, Brian McBride was a Columbus Crew player back in 2006. Their training facility is right near where I work in nowhere Obetz, Ohio. He would show up at a dive bar called Lovell's where all us burnt out MFG central Ohio roughians would go for a drink after work. Great dude. Tanqueray!
Next up to get done is the complete list of Group winners based on the principles of Six Sigma and the Kaizen Way. Maybe even the Ishikawa diagram or Six Pack dump to show normal processes. Green Belt certification! Tools to a more productive peoples! and Continuous Improvement! Tanqueray!

Group D:
6: Germany
14: Serbia
16: Ghana
24: Austrailia

Based on my six Key Performance Indicators. Ghana has a chance to advance but the mountain seems to high (statistically speaking). Their defense will do them in against the top two in the group, but will hold Australia head to head. Australia got a bad draw this year.


Unknown said...

We don't have a McBride anymore. If only he would have rubbed off on Donovan we would have an American Hero. Donovan is looking good these days though, he's just not near as genuine.

Larry W Johnson II said...

Donovan seems mechanical. Good player, just missing "it", at least from the few games I've seen. McBride, I can't say enough. People out here talk about him like he worked here at art.com with us. That says a lot. Are there any other guys like him on the team this year?