Friday, June 18, 2010

Figuring Group C

Right now:

Pts : Team : Goals Scored
4 : Slovenia : 2
2 : US : 3
2 : England : 1
1 : Algeria : 0

June 23rd is the next go round for this group. All teams still have a chance, which is cool. Algeria's chances are slimmer then the others. They have to beat the US and have England tie or loose. I guess, in looking at this, that's the way it pretty much is for all of the teams, except for Slovenia. A tie or win will get them thru.

Very confusing. Well, not really. Looking at it the way I had it planned out... England must win in a shut out and Algeria has to win big against the US. Plausible. But I don't want that. The US showed so much heart coming back... twice. Once after the vortex that was the England v US game (see; England playing flat) and twice... digging deep in the second half against Slovenia.

I disliked the effort by the US in the first half. I'm not sure they expect shots from outside the box? or fast runs? I know the England game took a lot out, but effort needs to be there. I'm already mad enough at England.

Anywho. Just win England and America. No qualifying statements for you two.

Yet another note on England. They are getting hammered in the UK press. That is to say, the UK press means something. Let's ask the Yankees about pressure. Zing! They need to step up, but I realize the grueling league season must wear on them, as it does Germany and Spain. It may be a different game if this tournament were to be played later in the summer (or winter). Hell, just a few more weeks off for these guys would go a long way.

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