Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos to Prove It

Germany dominated in their opening group game and it was a joy to hear Martin and Ally call the game.

Germany seems to do very well in opening games but to jump all over the Socceroos was a bit unusual. The Germans average over 2 goals a game but the Australians only give up a point and a half, slightly better then all WC participants. Opener only... yes. But the question is this... is Germany this good or is Australia that bad?


Unknown said...

If Cahill hadn't been sent off early in the second half it would have been a much more level game. The Germans did look pretty good though. Like Klinsmann said they were having fun, like a bunch of kids.

Larry W Johnson II said...

Yeah, hard to tell how good Germany really was against a man down. But they looked organized throughout for sure. Strange call on Cahill.