Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend to Remember

Getting it out of my system and summing up the weekend here it is hard to look past what might have been.

- What might have been if US Coach Bradley could prepare his team to NOT allow a goal early? This happened thrice in four games. Alexi Lalas went a little overboard in his comments today chastising the coach, but I'm agreeing with him. I'm not a soccer expert by any means, but what happened to the US this year in regards to early goals falls towards the coach. The US did an excellent job winning the group and set themselves up for a magical run against teams on their side of the bracket they could beat.

- Mexico. Mexico. Unfortunate offsides call near the start of the game that worked against them. They started strong but unraveled a little after that call. Argentina was the better side, but it snuffed out any hope of a magical game for Mexico.

- England. What might have been? Perhaps a closer game in the second half. Germany is better then the England that played through the group stage. But England seemed to wake up going two goals down. It showed me enough to tell me that England does have a good team, just really flat this year. Waking up is something they should have done after the 1-1 draw against the US. After the bad call I hoped that it wouldn't effect them coming out of the second half, but it did and Germany took full advantage. The English comments after the game proved that it changed their mentality.


"For an American soccer fan it always seems as if we're getting screwed somehow. Partly, that's fan perception. We tend to see things in the light most favorable to our teams interests. But is there some legitimacy to anti-Americanism in soccer?

I think so."

I read that earlier today. Clay Travis over at Fanhouse wrote that. Every four years it seems the same teams get screwed. It is a common (and growing) sentiment around this part of the world but has existed in the British Isles for a long time. It is frustrating, but it has been going on for as long as the WC has been played.

Anyway, as to the comment in quotes up there... There was just one comment response to it. From a Briton named Mick:

"welcome to the club USA"

Finally, about FIFA. They are and always have been, trying the impossible. That is to Unite a sport under one global federation. It is part of their mission to keep things simple. FIFA also thinks they have a strong social responsibility above and beyond soccer. Fair play is important, but their social agenda (which is admirable), trumps everything they do. Replay may be inevitable in some leagues and tournaments but it may never make it to other part of the world. The solution is not replay. Just more eyes on the action.


All that bitterness is out of my system now though. Plenty of games yet to play and plenty of magic yet left to happen.

Netherlands and Slovakia and Brazil v. Chile. No need to jump into historical stats here. Both these games have clear favorite. That said... Perhaps we'll see some magic from Chile?


Bleeno said...

was impressed with Chile against Spain last week. i'm hoping they stick it to Brazil. Down with Brazil!

Unknown said...

maybe not replay, but line judges like in tennis. would've made a stellar game if england would have gone level.

Unknown said...

PS - donovan to manchester city? i say hell yes.

Larry W Johnson II said...

agreed, more line judges. not replay.