Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Constitution

Indeed. A couple historic happenings this morning between England and Germany. First; Germany keeps it's unbelievable streak of making it past the round of 16 alive. Second; England's worse loss in WC history. There may have been another goal in there that England deserved, well, not may; did. It matters little now, except only I have to endure a couple more weeks of complaining on ESPN. FIFA sucks. I've known this since I was very little when an old friend told me just that some twenty years ago. ESPN needs to accept this fact and move on.

Germany has a very strong mental constitution. For the WC; England is searching and has been since probably 1990. A blowout loss like this may be just what the doctor ordered. But I am rambling on about things I know little about. Just a little frustrated.

Next up is Argentina v. Mexico. On paper it appears that Argentina should win this with little difficulty. Their average "goals for" nearly identically matches how many Mexico traditonally allows (1.74 GF against MEX 1.87 allowed). So far, in the WC that has spelled disaster for teams.

For Mexico to win it will take uncommon, superhero like defense. A win by them here would indeed be historic. Again, I will say I am pulling for them, but it hard to say it is possible. Especially since Argentina has looked strong this year.

No predictions for this game, just as I did not make any for the England / Germany game because I have a team I'm really pulling for. But, hell- how bout I just go 5-0 Mexico because it feels nice to say.

As for the final note on the disallowed goal? England got the call 44 years ago against Germany, so... whatever.

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