Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Iberian Peninsula, Motherland

What do we have now? Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay? 50% of the final 8 are South American teams. Shall I say birthed from the Iberian Peninsula? I should shall not say that, but thus doest thou I did. Spain has made it through to this stage. Largely known for reshaping central and southern Americas. Outside of them we have Ghana, Germany and the other team that shall remain nameless.

Of the four South American teams Uruguay has the best chance of getting through to the final four teams in this here WC 2010. Is it possible that all four make it? Of course it is. And that would be amazing. But of the four I'm only pulling for two.

Paraguay. Little Paraguay. A nation that has lost it's borders and has had it's history virtually erased by Argentina, Bolivia and the evil empire know as Brazil. Brazil, who in a border war invaded Paraguay's archives and took everything only to seal it up in secrecy. In a sense erasing any history of it's people. Now, I'm no expert on South American history, but I do know that trying to wipe out a peoples history is probably one of the down right meanest things I've ever read.

I'm throwing out all the WC history stuff here now. That stuff tells me it should be a Brazil v. Germany or Argentina final.

Go every one else. Go, go, go!

Brazil is evil. Germany and Argentina have enough WC titles. As it stands now there is a chance that we will have a new, I say NEW, WC champion outside of them.

Later this week all but one of those former champs can be outed. Pull for the other guys!


Unknown said...

Is it even OK that the Dutch are there, in light of their history there? Let alone their star player having the last name Robben?

I'd rather have them over Brazil, Germany or Argentina but...

Bleeno said...

if Van Persie could change his last name to Batman we might have something there...

i wanna see the Dutch embarrass Brazil. 3-0 would be my dream. 4-0! 100-0!!!

Larry W Johnson II said...

Nooo! no mention of that team! and no predictions!!! It is going to be interesting if those guys from that place end up in the final considering how much as has been said about apartheid (robben island in particular) here in the US on ESPN. let's keep the blame on the english, portuguese and french for all that.