Wednesday, June 16, 2010

France v Mexico... Critical

Critical indeed. I'm pulling for all teams in this hemisphere. But how does Mexico stack up against France within the bubble of the World Cup? Not as good. Goals for are close with France having the advantage: 1.86 to 1.63. Close. But France has the goals against advantage and in this years WC that seems to be the difference maker. Mexico tends to allow too many. I'll add on top of that, this: Mexico let one get by against what is turning out to be a weak team in South Africa. But you have to give them a pass there... South Africa is hosting. France showed nothing against Uruguay (who looks good). Should be a great game.

One thing Mexico has is "the passion". I hope they pull this one off. But I think it will ultimately be France that wins this match outright.

Now wait a minute... What does English soccer fans have to do with any of this? heh heh. Found a pic!