Saturday, June 26, 2010

US Bows Out


Both goals scored against the US were similar. The US was caught sleeping. Altidore was hibernating and Bradley Jr can't control the midfield. I warned them about Ghana's defense. Anyway, I'll leave the game analysis to the pros.

Good showing by the US this year.

Ian Darke and our buddy Harkes did a pretty good job. Harkes actually contributed a bit and Darke must have noticed this because he asked "Who has been writing your script?" after Harkes went rambling on about burst pipes or something to that effect. Later, right after half though, Harkes returned to form by making comments about the reason 11 colors are on the ball and asked Darke (like he had knowledge about something Darke did not) "11 colors represent the 11 languages in Africa, did you know that?" ugh. Darke responded by sarcastically stating that his comment was very nice, as if to pat him on the head. Ian must have thought Harkes was wondering off again and quickly said that even though that was interesting they had much more interesting things to say about the game going on.

Comment of the match though was Darke asking Harkes shortly before half; "How are your nerves?"

After a long pause (where, frankly, I braced myself for anything) Harkes said; "Good to go."

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