Monday, October 24, 2011

MLS Playoff Scenario

Major League Soccer sets this sucker up so anything can happen but I've done my best, based on season results, to predict what will happen.

Columbus has Colorado on Thursday. Over the past several months I've grown to respect the Colorado Rapids. I feel like they are in the same place as the Crew in a few ways. Nothing flashy about the Rapids Cup winning side last year. The only thing that really got peoples attention with them this year was negative play.

The Rapids are not a dirty team. In fact, they have conceded the 2nd fewest fouls this year. Though, they do draw the 2nd highest Yellow Card per/Foul Conceded (15.5% of fouls resulting in a yellow. San Jose number 1 at 16.6%).

They also aren't on "national" TV along with the Crew on Thursday. Only MLS Cup Playoff game to not be televised on Fox Soccer or the ESPN network.

My heart tells me that Columbus can win this game, but reason is telling me otherwise. The deck is stacked against them a bit. It's in Colorado. Later start time (10 PM). The altitude is always tough. Going to be cold. And I believe that the CCL games have made the Rapids stronger.

Goals For and Goals Against are surprisingly similar, but Colorado is better at both. Were this a neutral site I'd say it is a tight 2-1 game, either way.

Columbus won one (4-1 at home) and lost one (2-0 away) against them this year. The away game was where Eddie Gaven got hurt and thus started the Crew decent deep into several levels of hell during the final third of the season.

Had Gaven not been injured by Jeff Larentowicz the Crew would have won the East.

Columbus tested an Attack First mindset two weeks ago Against the Revs but last weekend they went back to a defensive minded mid-field team. I expect more of the Chicago type game for the Crew / Rapids. 3 or 4 goal affair.

Go Crew.


Unknown said...

first team is out... here's to subjectivity!

Larry W Johnson II said...

emotionally ready for my picks to be 100% incorrect!

Unknown said...

Back down with emotion!

Larry W Johnson II said...

welp, heinemann didn't put 3 in.