Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gary Gnu(s) and MLS Notes

...That Red Bull win last night was bad news for some teams looking up at the playoffs. It eliminated Chivas so now they join San Jose, Toronto FC, New England and Vancouver as the clubs all out of hope.

...Chicago has a toughest road ahead of them. The need to win out (3 games). Last one they have is against the Crew. If the Fire are able to get by Dallas on the 12th then it sets up a titanic match up with DC on the 15th. If Chicago loses to Dallas then DC needs to take advantage there.

...Speaking of DC. They have a game against the 'Caps on the 12th they shouldn't look past (10PM EST, booo). DC is in a unique spot. The could effectively end seasons for the Fire and Portland in consecutive games.

...Late starts in PST for Eastern time zone teams. Bad MLS. Bad! pssst!

...The Crew: the only team left currently in the playoffs with a negative (-0.09) goals against average. Hesmer said a few weeks ago that the team got a few results early in the year they probably shouldn't have. He's right.

...Funny thing is though, only 6 of the 18 teams are in the negative. MLS teams play tentatively. 36% of games are still draws. So much opportunity in MLS for outsiders looking to get in.

...Please note the picture at the top of this post. Head protection is worn properly, no do-rag, and no ascot.

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