Sunday, October 9, 2011

XIV. Only Interesting to Moi

Chicago Fire eliminated... from getting first place in the east. The Fire is 13th on the combined table and that has only happened just now (3 games left).

1a. William Hesmer made a funny when he commented on the MLS playoff format, "..instead of it taking 5 seconds to say 'we are in 5th and need to get into 4th' - it takes 30 seconds to explain how you get in."

1b. The NHL is struggling with conferences / divisions / playoffs as well. They kept Columbus in the West. That ensures a poor record. I see that Detroit and Nashville are in the West as well.

1c. NFL doesn't necessarily get it all right, but they get the game time stuff right. Sunday afternoon? Fall? Game is on TV.

1d. Finally, MLB. They are looking at splitting it in to two conferences and scrap divisions. If they go then expect the rest of the domestic sports to follow.

When I went to bed they were winning by a couple touchdowns. Woke up and caught up on the twitter feed. Reading the events that way was like watching that part in every war movie when the audience and characters know there just isn't anyone coming back from that last mission, but they gotta go.

Strange out here in Buckland these days. Scandal, bad team, questionable coaching and a rotten Athletic Director.

What this area thinks they need is some gritty vet to turn around, face the camera, pump his shotgun with one hand and say, 'come on you apes, you want to live forever?!!' just as the forgotten 80s metal song blares. Roll credits.

A: It's not going to happen.
B: it's not the right thing for the University.

Take you medicine, OSU. The sooner you do? The sooner you can get epic movie music.

2a. I've been paying close attention to OSU Coach Luke Fickell, not only because he looks a little like my brother but because he is around my age. He is certainly getting a crash course in, well, whatever coaching the football team of the largest university on the planet is. I don't know what you call that title. The position Fickell holds is too big for anyone. Because of the fans, it has become a mystical/shaman position that can only be filled by a mythical legend. King Arthur? Odin? Woody Hayes?

Because of Fickell's age I also find myself playing the "what would i do in that situation" game. I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing he can do, really. He was on Tressell's staff and knows too many dirty little things that could destroy his future career.

So, advice for Mr. Fickell:
- is roll out the school pride,
- prepare the fans for a long 2nd half of season
- say some good things about Woody
- Announce you are a one yr steward for the university, winning comes 2nd
- get your young family the hell out of dodge before the new year.

What I'll be playing the rest of this year.

3a. FIFA 12 is very fun.

3b. Fitting in Gears of War 3. Not as good as 2, but okay for what it is and better then the other future/space soldiers/shoot stuff/ games.

3c. Modern Warfare 3. Because having kids yell at you gets me though the Ohio winter and it looks like the next Ghost Recon is stalling.

3d. Uncharted 3. The first two were a couple of the best games I've ever played.

3e. Betcha Luke Fickell doesn't have time for video games right now. But he may next year if he doesn't GET. OUTTA. DODGE.

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