Friday, October 21, 2011

Never Forgive, Never Forget (you can find a better version, but I like it raw) MLS Power Rankings

Start at rt. click HERE.LA, Philly, Seattle, FC Dallas deserve hardware this year. New York deserves nothing, except what is actually happening to the poor town they pooped that stadium on. My MLS Power Rankings normally take a sip or thrice of wine and tonight is no different. For it is done.

I haven't changed my weighted categories since back in whenever, early 2011. I just do what the numbers tell me.

If I were to call it, I'd say (outside the top four) that feknone have a chance.

My hometown Crew have been punching above their weight, yes. But. They are by far, NOT the best team here. Were they to win the MLS playoffs they would meet the same critical fate the Colorado Rapids are facing this year. It sucks for Colorado because they are actually a good team this year. The 2 or (maybe) 3 national, nationwide MLS media likes can suck it on the Rapids.

MLS Power Rankings.

In Color.

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