Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Columbus Dispatch Changes up Crew Beat

It's been fun following Shawn Mitchell's take on the Crew this year. He was the one lone beat writer in the country following the team for traditional media (I don't count *assive Report). I heard tonight that the daily paper is moving him over to Columbus Blue Jacket coverage and moving a young Blue Jacket guy over to the Crew. It's not without controversy though. There are former colleagues of his already coming out and stating that our new beat writer isn't even a soccer guy and that in fact, the guy hates soccer.

Mr. Mitchell's column in the paper on the Crew was good and his online presence was sufficient and fair. We'll see how the new guy does. It fishy that there is a switch going on right now. Only observation I have is that Mitchell's early season coverage was 10x better then his late season. Don't know what happened.

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