Thursday, October 6, 2011

Columbus Crew: Goals and Assist Leaders

An update on goals (without penalty kicks) and assists for the team to date.

6 : Andres Mendoza
5 : Eddie Gaven, Emilio RenterĂ­a
3 : Tom Heinemann
2 : Josh Gardner
1 : Julius James, Robbie Rogers, Emmanuel Ekpo, Rich Balchan, Bernardo Anor, Jeff Cunningham

7 : Robbie Rogers
3 : Dilly Duka
2 : Andres Mendoza, Josh Gardner, Emmanuel Ekpo, Sebastian Miranda, Dejan Rusmir, Justin Meram
1 : Tom Heinemann, Bernardo Anor, Jeff Cunningham, Chad Marshall, Kevin Burns, Danny O'Rourke

Looks Like Robbie Rogers has the assist title (tied for 9th in the league) wrapped up. Still a chance for Gaven and Renteria to catch Mendoza (who is tied for 25th in goals this season).

Not the end of the season yet, but a taste of what's to come.

Did you know that there have been 223 goal scorers in Major League Soccer this year? There have been 495 players to see time. That 45% of the league that has scored at least one. It feels like developmental league numbers. Or - looking for a hero, MLS fans / supporters / media / coaches have no patience numbers.

GOALS P/90 MINS PLAYED (134 players meet qualifier, 7 Crew)

0.29 : Andres Mendoza (Rank 26th)
0.22 : Eddie Gaven (40th)
0.21 : Tom Heinemann (44)
0.11 : Josh Gardner (77)
0.04 : Robbie Rogers (120)
0.04 : Emmanuel Ekpo (123)
0.03 : Julius James (130)

All for now because there are still a couple games to go. Can't wait!

Added note on strikers, patience and time. They go together. Especially in a league where a player making $42k a year is only slightly behind a player making $500k when looking at goals and goals per 90 at the dangerman position. A 0.29 p/90 strike rate is not acceptable for a half million dollar player. It's just not. If the franchise is willing to pay 10x what a rookie striker makes then don't push and pull him looking for form... you leave him in there till he rots.

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