Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eastern Conference Looking for a Leader

Two drawn games yesterday between four Easter Conf teams. One / One draws are what this sort of playoff structure encourages at this point in the season. It's a "just don't lose when playing in conference, wait for the other guy lose" philosophy.

Today three East teams are playing. Crew v. DCU and Philly taking on a western team... out west. I dislike thinking that this Crew game has draw written all over it. It is their last home game and they need this win.

What's interesting is that the common perception of Coach Warzycha is that he does go for the draw but only three teams have tied less (Portland, Dallas, RSL). I think in Warzycha's perfect world he defends for the first 60 then turns his CDM into a CAM for a few minutes. No problems there, but because of injury that has been challenging gameplan to employ. You can see that play out with who he plays up top. I think he feels pressure to start both Mendoza and Renteria up top recently when his gut is probably telling him to pull back and have Renteria hold.

Warzycha and co. also seem tentative to start Mendoza up top, by himself (or for that matter, Heinemann). My gut tells me that it wouldn't work, but it hasn't been tried so who knows.

There are reports that Eddie Gaven is back and starting today (and Robbie Rogers is out). If that's the case then Eddie could give the Crew the mid-field control that the starving Mendoza / Renteria combo requires.

That's a big 'could' though. There is a lot more to this game than scoring goals. So far, putting those two up front has only yielded one thing: The worst loosing streak for the franchise since the team lost 6 in a row in 1996.

Should be an interesting one today. And a cold one. It is 42 this morning. Maybe get to the 50's later. I'll be in attendance as it may be the last home stand of the season. Not a must win for either side, but it is one where the winner could take some charge in the conference.

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