Thursday, September 29, 2011

And the Hits Keep Right on Coming

The sporting match last night had the Columbus Crew drop another game. This time to Sporting KC in sporting 2-1 fashion. Most Crew players on the pitch were not playing sportingly. There was some unsporting like un-sportsmanship once the game was tied at a sporting 1-ONE. Players flopping around and such, looking for a draw. Un-sports-man-ship-less-ly by the Crew.

The Sporting Missouri Football Club United New Boys FC City result was a fair one for them. Two mistakes by Columbus made for a painful night. Chad Marshall got beat and fouled in the box and Julius James mishandled a corner into his own net. I think Hesmer could have gotten there but it would have looked ridiculous. I mean... a save of the week type thing on a shot from his own player? damnit, the Crew can't win.

With this loss the Crew fall into the last playoff spot. It's not looking bright right now. Eddie Gaven.

Eddie Gaven.

The Crew need Eddie to get back out there. Can an injured player win league MVP?

So to the last playoff spot the Crew fall. Did they read my last post about Duka starting? No. Arg.

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