Friday, September 16, 2011

Having Video Fun

The images were originally inspired, shot and edited with different music. The longer Modest Mouse version exists but it only works if it is fed after midnight (I guess both are long, but I liked the images and music).

Always stayed away from these bands when messing around with video because I like them and thought I'd screw it up. Figured it was as good a time as any. Had lots of fun.

I've been recording just about every Crew game in expectation of creating something exciting at the end of the year. I've got lots of plans for the footage actually. We'll see what happens. With this one I set up the old sony handycam, Early 70s Sears BW TV, my monitor and my cell phone (to capture the digital). Shooting the Oasis video through the handycam, run through a VCR to the old TV actually looked really good. Might put the whole thing up at some point.

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