Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't Play No Game I Can't Win

I've only got a few minutes left until my annual fantasy football draft of the American kind. And here I am writing on Helltown planning and scheming on a Major League Soccer Post. The Modern Man over here. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm committed to the Crew this year and with that, the greater MLS universe. Its been kind. And un-kind. Plenty left this year and still enjoying it.

That said.

I've updated my Helltown Beer Player Rank. The whole thing is shaping up pretty well. Evaluating performance based on limited time and available statistical data has proven itself pretty well within my weighted formula (whew). Waiting for the Prem to get to five games before I try it there. Hm.

Ah, the Prem. What was I talking about. Oh. I noticed that domestic league awards are getting knocked around. Still lots of kickball to be played, but let me go ahead with it.

Wait. But before I do... I've gotten into a strange habit of purchasing one (1) sub ten dollar blu-ray movie a week. This event happens on Sunday (unless I'm out of town). So, for my annual MLS awards I've decided that each category will be sponsored by one of the said cheap movies (that sales in the mid-west region of the USA have dictated based on income, demographic and sales of beef jerky per capita-what?)

Last Starfighter Rookie of the Year:
Rich Balchan. Because I'm a Crew fan. Damn the numbers.

The Rundown Defender of the Year:
Todd Dunivant. No Question.

Under Siege Goalkeeper of the Year:
Kevin Hartman. Seagal's best movie. League's best 'keeper.

Big Trouble in Little China Coach of the Year:
Bruce Arena. Because he is my hero. Been there since the beginning with him. Nights at RFK even. Just because you coach LA doesn't mean you will win. Guy is a legend in our time. Same as Kurt Russell.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Most Valuable Player:
Brek Shea. Still plenty of games to go though. We'll see. Todd could take it. The whole thing is up in the air right now. Maybe just like Keanu's career.

As for my football fantasy draft? still got some time, eye's ah reckon. It's all numerical anyway. I'll let the #'s work and see what happens. Did that a couple years ago and won. Last year went with my heart and came in last. Go figure.

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