Friday, September 23, 2011

Fanfare from Crew v. Galaxian

Andres Mendoza has 6 goals from the run of play. Eddie Gaven and Emilio Renteria have 4 and Tommy Heinemann has 3. The Columbus Crew are dead last at procuring goals outside of PKs. They have been last all year.

13 MLS teams have a scorer with 6 goals or more. On those 13 teams, 28 players have at least 6 goals or more. There are 24 MLS players with 6 or more goals that make less money then the Crew's create-a-player (on FIFA 12) lefty only goal scorer.

Bleeno and Smitty (and Geoff(and Crack and Stevens)) will get that reference, but to others reading... I meticulously create players on sports video games. Usually each player has at least one weakness (save for the Woods, Crack and Smitty; Trequartistas those guys). Comic books from the 80s are probably to blame.

Mendoza is like one of those created players. He has a top 50 in the world "100" left foot but little* else. When I watch him I feel like I have a controller in my hand and am trying desperately to get the ball on his left side. And when less then 30 yds out? Punch it.

This weekends Crew game is sold out. A feeling I haven't felt since...

Beckham flew back to Cali today. So none of that guy at the game. Yeah, there is Donovan and that Irish fellow (Keane, sorry Nana) but it's Beckham that sold out the stadium (for the first time since...). But leave that behind. If fans knew there stuff they would know that Todd Dunivant is the real reason to go to the game. He has a stranglehold on the MVP race right now. Well... here at Helltown he does.

The Crew have a real chance of dropping out of first this weekend. A loss here and a KC win puts the Crew in a tight spot in 2nd with Philly. If DC and Houston also win then we have a 5 alarm fire going on here in Columbus.

What's that then?

Looking forward. Columbus has KC Wed. of next week then DC next Saturday. Danger, Danger. 1st in the East to the last wild card spot will bring out the nearly dead and depressed Buckeyes.

And it will be the thing of nightmares.

*Mendoza showed recently he can play the mid-field well. The Houston game. Check the tape. Unfortunate we can't see the 33 yr old there more during his stay in Crewtown.

Your Ctrl+(right)click for reading this post (for my brother. Amazing how it means so much to so many. Not only in the US, but across the world. And amazing how quickly we forget what it's like not to be the clear number one).

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