Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eleven, twelve, Dig and delve;

Welp, it was like Christmas day over here at the Helltown Beer, Brewery District location. Electronic Arts FIFA 12 came out.

So what are we dealing with here? 1. Player movement is slowed again this year (a very good thing). 2. MLS is treated with some more respect (was that Martin Tyler making a team specific comment on the Whitecaps?). Player pictures for almost all Crew players too. 3. And, this is big... two announcing teams.

Okay, that's all I've got so far. Only spent a little bit of time with it.

If you care not for fake Crew team news, change the channel. I'll get back to real Crew news tomorrow as they take on KC in probably their most important game of the year.
As silly as this may sound. What the folks at EA think about a player in the fake world... does matter in the real world (as it does, to a greater degree, in Football Manager where, among other things, player dollar values and contracts are more accurately handled).

The creators of these games review and rate over 4000+ players across the globe in 20+ statistical categories. It's mind boggling, really.

Below is the overall ranking of all Columbus Crew players in FIFA 12.

Overall : Player
73 : Marshall
68 : Gaven, Hesmer
67 : Rogers
66 : O'Rourke, Renteria, Mendoza
65 : Miranda, Duka, Ekpo
64 : Balchan, Gruenebaum
63 : Rusmir, Gardner, Anor, Meram, Cunningham
62 : Francis
61 : Heinemann, Gehrig, Burns
59 : Prim, Grossman
58 : Williams
57 : Riggs, Horton, Veeder
54 : Sippola

As most FIFA players hopefully know; overall score isn't a great indication of what the player is capable of, but it is a good general score. In that: generally speaking, 65 and up is an above average MLS player. 60-64 is an average starter. In the PL, you have to have a 68+ to be competitive.

The most improved Crew players over last years version of the game are:

+6 Gardner (57 to 63, bench to starter)
+5 Gehrig (56 to 61, reserve to possible starter)
+3 Anor
+2 Gaven
+2 Balchan

Setback (overall) this year:

-2 Mendoza
-3 Cunningham
-3 Veeder

Believable. I know the guys up in Vancouver do there homework in rating players. Other notable increases include Renteria and Heinemann's all important 'vision' stat (+2 and +5, respectively).


Bleeno said...

nice. gonna pick this up next week. can't wait!
oh, and thanks for the heinamann print. the wolfman!

Larry W Johnson II said...

haha! Sabretooth! Your welcome, great to see him above the fold. See you online. Can't wait either!