Sunday, April 17, 2011

(something) Columbus Crew (something)

Crew won last night.

Trying to figure out a good way to title my Crew posts. We have a station here in Columbus called ONN HD of which allows me to see games at home. I should have gone to the game last night. It was cold, windy and rainy. AKA; storming. I like those kind of games in Columbus. Wanna come play against the Crew before June? Bring your freakin' long johns, raincoat and stern constitution.

So last night. The Crew played against the wind, cold, rain and Sporting KC. The wind was clearly blowing one direction and was seriously impeding the team facing it. I checked the match stats this morning and that played out.

Shots against the wind - Crew: 4 KC: 3

Shots with the wind - Crew: 10 KC: 6

Robbie Rodgers ended up having a goal in the second half with the wind.

Tom Heinemann came on early in the second half (after the goal) and played like a man possessed. I also like the way Ekpo played the game. Gaven had a couple great chances in the second half that didn't pan out, but even with his sort of 'stoop to the shoulders' attitude I think he played well. I contend that he is probably the best player on the pitch most nights and he knows it.


I have a lot of bones to pick with the MLS and the way the show league tables. My biggest bone is the break between Eastern and Western Conferences. They all play each other twice (double round robin system) so that's 34 league games. I understand have two conferences keeps most of the country geographically involved for the playoffs. I get that. But if you want to do that change it to 3 games against own conf and 1 out.

What I have at the top of this post is what the crazy people in the rest of the world call a "true table". It is based on Points earned per game since at anytime teams could have played a different number of games.

Next bone to pick is that it is a Draw not a Tie. And when referring to team records it is not W-L-T. It is W-D-L. This ain't hockey MLS.

Thank you.

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