Monday, April 4, 2011

Cleveland Rocks, Hello?

Major League Baseball's season started the other day to fanfare across the country! Most ballparks sold out their opening games, including the Cleveland Indians! What happened next only happens in Cleveland.

The next game? Record low attendance (something in the neighborhood of 9500) for Progressive Field. For all of those saying it was the weather... it's not. This is Cleveland we are talking about. A brisk 40 degree day is like a warm 60 degree day in NC.

The game that followed that record low? Yet another record low of eight thousand something. For. the. 3rd. game. of. the. season. And it was a weekend series. One of the things that makes this crazy is that the Indians set a record not that long ago for a streak of most sold out games. It went on for a few years man. Years!

I love Cleveland fans. You put a crappy product out on the field and the fans know and they won't go. This ain't Chicago where the Cubs can draw a crowd for anything.

Now, if only Redskin fans would take note.

There was even a show that featured the Indians around the time the sell out record was happening. GM's take note: don't underestimate the power of such things. OHIO!

If I were to ever make an opening to a show it would be done just like that.

But wait...

Good news fans!

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