Sunday, April 17, 2011

Offensive Productivity

An explanation of my Offensive Productivity rating on the right. provides me with total minutes played so I can track players productivity per 90 minutes. So if a player has played 180 minutes this year and has 1 goal, that is 0.5 goals per game. Same for assists. I reward goals with 3 pts. Assists are worth 1 pt.

Another way to separate a players offense is Goals per Shot. If a player has taken 10 shots and has 2 goals that = 0.2

To use Charlie Davies as an example:

210 minutes played = 2.3 games
5 Goals = 2.14 Goals p/Game
0 Assists = 0 Assists p/Game
5 Goals / 8 Shots = 0.63 Goals p/Shot

Goal Total: 2.1*3 = 6.42
Assist Total: 0.0*1 = 0.0
G p/SH Bonus: 0.63

Add them together and you get 7.05 for Charlie Davies.

There is debate about the Goals per Shot bonus. I was looking for a way to further separate productivity for scoring players. I'll stick with it for now because it is about productivity during time on the pitch, not quantity. Quality not Quantity.

I'm also working on a total player score which uses Goals against and total minutes played to get an overall player score because offensive production is a poor indicator of team success. I'll get to that later.

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