Monday, April 25, 2011

Look Forward, OSU

The letters went out and the date has been set for Ohio State University to go before the NCAA Violations Committee. August 12.

Copies of the letters can be found HERE over at the Columbus Dispatch.

Speaking of the Dispatch... they are all over this. I know this has to divide the office up there. In the sports pages they consistently play this whole thing off, which is frustrating. Those writers are the only ones left with their head in the sand.

Even ESPN Analyst Kick Herbstreit left town already. He said it was because he was getting hassled by Buckeye fans (which, yes, I'm sure he was) but what I feel was more of a move to get away from one of the largest of all football institution falls. He has to distance him self from that. And all the buck-nutholes.

Most think there are no more allegations left to come out, including Sports Illustrated. But I think there are. It wasn't just tattoo's the players were getting in exchange for awards, rings and whatnot. Regardless, Jim Tressel is the one on the hot seat right now. That is made clear in the NCAA's letters to the school.

What is also clear in the letters is the type of penalty that is coming OSU's way. Which is basically this: the 2010 season does not exist and scholarships are going to be taken away.

So what now? What sayeth the future on this matter?

The school and it's traditions are bigger then a coach. To try and protect them Jim will probably go before August 12.

On a recent visit home I asked my father, who once headed a world wide organization, what he thought of all this. His comment? "The coach sounds immature."

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